The IBP 2023 - Shortlists

The IBP 2023 - Shortlists

Shortlists announcement

On behalf of the ICAS Book Prize Reading Committees, it is our pleasure to announce the shortlists of all IBP 2023 categories. 

We would like to thank all Secretaries and Reading Committee members for completing this huge tasks and the sponsors for supporting the IBP 2023!


English Language Edition

Sponsors: The Asian Library (Leiden University Libraries) and ICAS

Shortlist - Books in the Humanities

Anand A. Yang, Empire of Convicts: Indian Penal Labor in Colonial Southeast Asia, University of California Press, 2021
Bryna Goodman, The Suicide of Miss Xi: Democracy and Disenchantment in the Chinese Republic, Harvard University Press, 2021
Jeannie N. Shinozuka, Biotic Borders: Transpacific Plant and Insect Migration and the Rise of Anti-Asian Racism in America, 1890–1950, The University of Chicago Press, 2022
Victoria Lee, The Arts of the Microbial World: Fermentation Science in Twentieth-Century Japan, The University of Chicago Press, 2021
Vincent Goossaert, Heavenly Masters: Two Thousand Years of the Daoist State, The Chinese University of Hong Kong Press and University of Hawai’i Press, 2021


Shortlist - Dissertations in the Humanities


Shortlist - Books in the Social Sciences

Antje Missbach, The Criminalisation of People Smuggling in Indonesia and Australia: Asylum Out of Reach, Routledge, 2022
John Lie, Japan, the Sustainable Society: The Artisanal Ethos, Ordinary Virtues, and Everyday Life in the Age of Limits, University of California Press, 2021
Ken MacLean, Crimes in Archival Form: Human Rights, Fact Production, and Myanmar, University of California Press, 2022
Syed Irfan Ashraf, The Dark Side of News Fixing: The Culture and Political Economy of Global Media in Pakistan, Anthem Press, 2021 Timothy M. Yang, A Medicated Empire: The Pharmaceutical Industry and Modern Japan, Cornell University Press, 2021


Shortlist - Dissertations in the Social Sciences

Chinese Language Edition - Shortlist 

Sponsor and organiser: Wan Boo Sow Research Centre for Chinese Culture, Department of Chinese Studies, National University of Singapore 

Secretary: Ying-kit Chan, National University of Singapore Chung Man Carmen Tsui 徐頌雯, 香港街市:日常建築裏的城市脈絡 (Everyday Architecture in Context: Public Markets in Hong Kong (1842–1981)), 香港中文大學出版社 The Chinese University of Hong Kong Press, 2022 Helen F. Siu 蕭鳳霞, Kwok-leung Yu 余國良 (ed.), 踏跡尋中:四十年華南田野之旅 (Tracing China: A Forty-Year Ethnographic Journey), 香港中文大學出版社 The Chinese University of Hong Kong Press, 2022 Ke-hsien Huang 黃克先, 危殆生活:無家者的社會世界與幫助網絡 (Precarious Living: Homeless People and the Helping Networks in Taiwan), 春山出版有限公司 SpringHill Publishing Ltd., 2021 Lawrence Wong 王宏志, 龍與獅的對話:翻譯與馬戛爾尼訪華使團 (Dialogue Between the Dragon and the Lion: Translation and the Macartney Mission), 香港中文大學出版社、香港中文大學翻譯研究中心 The Chinese University of Hong Kong Press, Research Centre for Translation, CUHK, 2022 Ronald C. Po 布琮任, 海不揚波:清代中國與亞洲海洋 (The Placid Ocean: Qing China and the Asian Seas), 時報文化出版 China Times Publishing Company, 2021


French Language Edition - Shortlist

Sponsor and organiser: GIS Asie César Castellvi, « Le dernier empire de la presse. Une Sociologie du journalisme au Japon » (The Last Empire of the Press: A Sociology of Journalism in Japan), CNRS Editions, 2022 Christian Lamouroux, « La Dynastie des Song » (The Song Dynasty), Les Belles Lettres, 2022 François Robinne, « Birmanie. Par-delà l'ethnicité » (Burma. Beyond Ethnicity), Dépaysage, 2021 Nathanel Amar, « Scream for life », Presses Universitaires de Rennes, 2022 Nicolas Prévot, « Un sacré bazar. Musique, possession et ivresse en Inde centrale » (Playing with the Gods. Music, Spirit and Spirits in Central India), Société d’Ethnologie, 2022


German Language Edition - Shortlist

Sponsor and organiser: Centre for Asian and Transcultural Studies (CATS) and Heidelberg University Andreas Margara, Geteiltes Land, geteiltes Leid: Geschichte der deutsch-vietnamesischen Beziehungen von 1945 bis zur Gegenwart (Divided Country, Shared Suffering: A History of German-Vietnamese Relations from 1945 to the Present), regiospectra, 2022 Björn Alpermann, Xinjiang: China und die Uiguren (Xinjiang: China and the Uyghurs), Würzburg University Press, 2021 Cairen Lin, Deutsche und chinesische Gaststättennamen: Eine kontrastive und sprachhistorische Untersuchung (German and Chinese Names of Restaurants: A Contrastive Language-historical Study), Peter Lang, 2022 Claudius Torp, Klavierwelten: Aufstieg und Verwandlung einer europäischen Kultur, 1830–1940 (Piano Worlds: Rise and Transformation of a European Cultural Practice), Campus Verlag, 2022 Jan Schmidt, Nach dem Krieg ist vor dem Krieg: Medialisierte Erfahrungen des Ersten Weltkriegs und Nachkriegsdiskurse in Japan (1914–1919) (After the War is Before the War. Medialized Experiences of the World War I and Postwar Discourses in Japan (1914–1919)), Campus Verlag, 2022


Japanese Language Edition - Shortlist

Co-organisers: IIAS, ICAS and Institute of Developing Economies, Japan External Trade Organization (IDE-JETRO)

Secretary: Aysun Uyar Makibayashi Sinan Levent シナン・レヴェント, 石油とナショナリズム (Oil and Nationalism), 人文書院 Jimbun Shoin, 2022 Kazunari Togawa 戸川 和成, 首都・東京の都市政策とソーシャル・キャピタル ―― 地域振興と市民活動5政策のQOLを高め、23区格差を改善するガバナンスの実現 (Urban Policy and Social Capital in 23 Special Wards of Tokyo), 晃洋書房 Koyoshobo, 2022 Sato Jin 佐藤 仁, 開発協力のつくられ方―自立と依存の生態史 (The Making of Development Cooperation: Ecological History of Dependency and Self-Reliance), 東京大学出版会 The University of Tokyo Press, 2021 Shimojyo Hisashi 下條尚志, 国家の「余白」―― メコンデルタ 生き残りの社会史 (The “Margins” of the State: A Social History of Survival in the Mekong Delta), 京都大学学術出版会 Kyoto University Academic Press , 2021 Shinko Ogihara 荻原眞子, いのちの原点「ウマイ」―― シベリア狩猟民文化の生命観 (“Umai”, the Origins of Life: Views of Life in Siberian Hunter Cultures), 藤原書店 Fujiwara Shoten, 2021


Korean Language Edition - Shortlist

Sponsor and organiser: Seoul National University Asia Center Chongkoo Lee 이종구, [기업사회 일본과 노동운동의 형성: 일본적 노사관계의 사회사] (Japanese Enterprise Society and Shaping of Labor Movement: Social History of Japanese Style Labor Relations), 북인더갭 Bookinthegap, 2022 Do Thanh Thao Mien 도미엔, [붉은혈맹: 평양, 하노이 그리고 베트남전쟁] (Between Blood Ally and Self-Interest: Pyongyang, Hanoi and the War in Vietnam). 서울대학교출판문화원, Seoul National University Press, 2022 Eun Heo 허은, [냉전과 새마을: 동아시아 냉전의 연쇄와 분단국가체제] (The Cold War and the New Community: Successive Cold Wars in East Asia and the System of Divided Nation), 창비 Changbi Publishers, 2022 Hyung-Geun Yoo 유형근, [분절된 노동, 변형된 계급: 울산 대공장 노동자의 생애와 노동운동] (Labor Segmentation and the Decline of Class Solidarity: The Lives and Labor Movements of Large Factory Workers in Ulsan), 산지니 Sanzini, 2022 Sojeong Park 박소정, [미백: 피부색의 문화정치] (Mibaek: The Cultural Politics of Skin Color), 컬쳐룩 Culturelook, 2022


Portuguese and Spanish Language Edition - Shortlist

Secretary: Claúdio Pinheiro, SEPHIS

Sponsor: Casa Asia

Andreas Hofbauer, Diáspora africana na Índia: Sobre castas, raças e lutas (African Diaspora in India: On Caste, Race and Struggle), Unesp, 2021
Carles Brasó Broggi, Los médicos errantes: De las Brigadas Internacionales y la revolución china a la guerra fría (Wandering Doctors: From the International Brigades and the Chinese Revolution to the Cold War), Crítica, 2022
Carlos Maya-Ambía, Japón: El cansancio de una nación, Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México, 2021
Claudia Ribeiro, Uma escrita celeste. Distância lexical e imanência de significado no Tianshu (Livro do Ceu), de Xu Bing, Instituto Internacional de Macau, 2021
Eduardo Tzili-Apango and José Antonio Cervera Jiménez (eds), Centenario del Partido Comunista Chino: Ensayos en honor a Romer Cornejo, El Colegio de México and Centro de Estudios de Asia y África, 2022
Flora Botton Beja, José Antonio Cervera and Yong Chen, Historia mínima del confucianismo (Minimal History of Confucianism), El Colegio de México, 2021


Best Article on Global Hong Kong Studies 

Sponsor and organiser: Society for Hong Kong Studies

Shortlist - Articles in the Humanities


 Shortlist - Articles in the Social Sciences

Winners announcements

Starting from mid-September until 13 October we will announce the 13 prize winners in the different categories one by one. Keep an eye out for our winner's announcements website and our Facebook channel!

Once again our gratitude goes out to everyone involved in the IBP 2023, a huge thank you to the publishers and authors who have submitted their books, dissertations or articles to this edition! Even if your book or dissertation is not on the shortlist, it might still be acknowledged with a special mention, so stay tuned for the announcements!