Shortlist, Winner and Accolades IBP 2013 Humanities

Shortlist, Winner and Accolades IBP 2013 Humanities

Winner of IBP 2013 Humanities

Julia F. Andrews and Kuiyi Shen, The Art of Modern China. University of California Press, 2012.

This timely volume describes the progression of Chinese art since the mid-19th century. Analysis is informed, nuanced, jargon-free and thought-provoking. The Art of Modern China is extremely well-written, a superb work that achieves that most difficult of tasks; a single volume that will inform newcomers and specialists alike. A delight to read. It can truly be said that if you read only one work on the subject, this should be it.


Shortlist IBP 2013 Humanities

Jeffrey W. Cody, Nancy S. Steinhardt, and Tony Atkin, Chinese Architecture and the Beaux-Arts. University of Hawai’i Press / Hong Kong University Press, 2011.

Michael Dillon, China. A Modern History. I.B.Tauris, 2010.

Paul A. Van Dyke, Merchants of Canton and Macao. Politics and Strategies in Eighteenth-Century Chinese Trade. Hong Kong University Press, 2011.

James McHugh, Sandalwood and Carrion. Smell in Indian Religion and Culture. Oxford University Press, 2012.


Reading Committee Accolades IBP 2013 Humanities

Publisher's Accolade for outstanding production value
Jiren Feng, Chinese Architecture and Metaphor: Song Culture in the Yong Zao Fashi Building Manual. University of Hawaii Press/Hongkong Press, 2012.

Most accessible and captivating work for the non-specialist reader Accolade
Karen Laura Thornber, Ecoambiguity: Environmental Crises and East Asian Literatures. University of Michigan Press, 2012. 

Specialist publication Accolade

Erica Fox Brindley, Music, Cosmology, and the Politics of Harmony in Early China. SUNY Press, 2012. 

Teaching tool Accolade
Valerie Hansen, The Silk Road: A New History. Oxford University Press, 2012. 

Ground-breaking subject matter Accolade
Patricia L. Maclachlan, The People’s Post Office. The History and Politics of the Japanese Postal System, 1871-2010. Harvard University Asia Center, 2011.  

Edited volume Accolade
Jeffrey W. Cody, Nancy S. Steinhardt &Tony Atkin (eds), Chinese Architecture and the Beaux-Arts. University of Hawai’i Press, 2011.