2021 ICAS 한국어 우수 학술도서상 

2021 ICAS 한국어 우수 학술도서상 

Congratulations to the IBP 2021 shortlisted authors and publishers!

Shortlisted for the IBP 2021 Korean Language Edition


Heejung Kang강희정, The Palace of Opium and Tin: Chinese Society and Peranakan Culture in Penang, Malaysia아편과 깡통의 궁전: 동남아의 근대와 페낭 화교사회. Seoul: Prunyoksa푸른역사, 2019.


Youngjae Kim김영제, Merchants of Koryo and the History of East Asian Trades고려상인과 동아시아 무역사. Seoul: Prunyoksa푸른역사, 2019.


Hun Park박훈, The Meiji Revolution and the Emergence of the Political Culture of the Literati메이지유신과 사대부적 정치문화. Seoul: Seoul National University Press서울대학교출판문화원, 2020. 


Jongyoung Kim김종영, Hybrid Korean Medicine하이브리드 한의학: 근대, 권력, 창조. Paju: Dolbegae돌베개, 2019.


Joohee Kim김주희, Lady Credit: Finance, the Hidden Agenda behind Prostitution레이디 크레딧: 성매매, 금융의 얼굴을 하다. Seoul: Hyunsil Publishing현실문화, 2020.



Contact: snuac_exch@snu.ac.kr

The winners of the IBP 2021 will be announced during the online IBP awards ceremony on 24 August 2021 (during the ICAS 12 opening). ICAS 12 will take place over a period of five days from Tuesday 24–Saturday 28 August 2021. Join our online conference platform which will be fully customised and transformed to give ICAS 12 a Kyoto-themed look and feel. 

Publishers and academic institutes are invited to exhibit at the online Asian Studies Exhibitor Gallery at ICAS 12 to showcase their publications and make sales, but most importantly scout for new manuscripts. With approximately 1,500 Asia Scholars coming together every two years, in different locations across the world each time, and this time online, the convention presents publishers and academic institutes with an incredible audience- and offers acquisition editors a very deep pool of potential new authors. ICAS 12 will also host events such as dissertation pitches, meet the author sessions and book presentations. For more information, please visit: site2.convention.co.jp/icas2021/fair