ICAS Buchpreis 2021

ICAS Buchpreis 2021

Congratulations to the IBP 2021 shortlisted authors and publishers!


Shortlisted for the IBP 2021 German Language Edition


Markus Rüsch, Argumente des Heiligen. Rhetorische Mittel und narrative Strukturen in Hagiographien am Beispiel des japanischen Mönchs Shinran [Arguments about the Holy: Rhetoric Means and Narrative Structures in Hagiographies, Using the Example of the Japanese Monk Shinran]. Iudicium Verlag, 2019.


Tobias Weiß, Auf der Jagd nach der Sonne. Das journalistische Feld und die Atomkraft in Japan [Chasing the Sun: The Journalistic Field and Nuclear Power in Japan]. Nomos Verlagsgesellschaft mbH & Co. KG, 2019.


Marcel Berni, Außer Gefecht: Leben, Leiden und Sterben »kommunistischer« Gefangener in Vietnams amerikanischem Krieg [Incapacitated: The Life, Suffering and Death of ‘Communist’ Prisoners in Vietnam's American War]. Hamburger Edition, 2020.


Lianming Wang, Jesuitenerbe in Peking: Sakralbauten und transkulturelle Räume 1600-1800 [Jesuit Heritage in Beijing: Sacred Buildings and Transcultural Spaces, 1600-1800]. Universitätsverlag Winter, 2020.


Daniel Leese, Maos langer Schatten. Chinas Umgang mit der Vergangenheit [Mao's Long Shadow. China's Handling of the Past]. C.H. Beck, 2020.


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The winners of the IBP 2021 will be announced during the online IBP awards ceremony on 24 August 2021 (during the ICAS 12 opening). ICAS 12 will take place over a period of five days from Tuesday 24–Saturday 28 August 2021. Join our online conference platform which will be fully customised and transformed to give ICAS 12 a Kyoto-themed look and feel. 

Publishers and academic institutes are invited to exhibit at the online Asian Studies Exhibitor Gallery at ICAS 12 to showcase their publications and make sales, but most importantly scout for new manuscripts. With approximately 1,500 Asia Scholars coming together every two years, in different locations across the world each time, and this time online, the convention presents publishers and academic institutes with an incredible audience- and offers acquisition editors a very deep pool of potential new authors. ICAS 12 will also host events such as dissertation pitches, meet the author sessions and book presentations. For more information, please visit: site2.convention.co.jp/icas2021/fair