About ICAS

ICAS is the premier international gathering in the field of Asian Studies. The International Convention of Asia Scholars (ICAS, founded in 1997) is a platform for representatives of academia and civil society to focus on issues critical to Asia and by implication to the rest of the world. ICAS is an active accelerator of research.

ICAS is organised by local hosts (universities, organisations and cities) in cooperation with the ICAS Secretariat. ICAS offers the university a unique opportunity to profile itself in the world of Asian Studies and ICAS also connects in a dynamic way to the host city.

ICAS meetings have been held in Adelaide (2015), Macao (2013), Honolulu (2011), Daejeon (2009), Kuala Lumpur (2007), Shanghai (2005), Singapore (2003), Berlin (2001) and Leiden (1998). ICAS 10 will take place in Chiang Mai from 20-23 July 2017.

ICAS attracts participants from over 60 countries to engage in global dialogues on Asia that transcend boundaries between academic disciplines and geographic areas. Since 1998, ICAS has brought more than 17,000 academics together eigth conventions. At these, publishers and organisations in the field of Asian studies display their products in the ICAS Exhibition Hall which is open to the public.

The ICAS Secretariat guarantees the continuity of the ICAS process. The convention has produced initiatives such as the ICAS Book Prize (2005 onwards) and the ICAS Publications Series (2007-2013).

From 2013 ICAS benefits from the input of an International Council composed of world renowned scholars and social leaders.


Dr. Paul van der Velde
ICAS Secretary
Martina van den Haak, MA
Executive Officer

Thomas Voorter, MA
Communications Coordinator