Zaw Lynn Aung

PhD defended at: 

Department of History, University of Yangon, Myanmar



This Thesis is intended to reveal the historical facts and data provided in the manuscript of Min Razagri Satam, which are important for Rakhine historical studies, to make assessment the confusing events and wrong facts and dates in this manuscript with the relevant sources and inscriptions, and to analyse, how a royal appointed writer wrote this manuscript for the king. Aiming at contributing to the development of Rakhine historical literature, this thesis edits the manuscript of Min Razagri Satam in association with annotations, explanation, interpretations, appendices, maps and figures. In conducting this thesis, a wide range of primary and secondary documents in Myanmar as well as contemporary documents in English acquired from the available sources were used. This manuscript covers the history of Rakhine from the legendary history of Rakhine before the arrival of Lord Buddha to Rakhine to the reign of King Min Razagri (c.1593-1612). Before editing the manuscript of Min Razagri Satam, the author makes effort to study the political, socio-economic conditions, administration and background of foreign relations of the history of Rakhine from the foundation of Mrauk U Period to the reign of King Min Razagri (c.1430-1612) in order to reflect for the historical circumstances under which Min Razagri Satam was complied. The editing of Min Razagri Satam in English and in Myanmar follows the introductory part based on the conventional rules of editing ancient manuscript. Min Razagri Satam was compiled by Korangri Maha Zeya Thein, who tried to trace the legitimacy of Rakhine dynasty back to the Sakya clan of King Maha Thamada. Maha Zeya Thein provides a legitimizing model for Rakhine kingship by demonstrating a fuller elaboration of the genealogy of a clearer
lineage from Maha Thamada to Rakhine kings through the intermediary of the solar race of the Sakya clan. It is an earliest text to mention a legitimizing model of the Rakhine kingship connecting to Maha Thamada. By describing the performance of the good kings, Min Razagri Satam is designed to be an informative text for the instruction of the king. Min Razagri Satam also served as a guide for the king’s religious policy. However, Maha Zeya Thein compiled Min Razagri Satam for the king as requested Maha Zeya Thein could record part of his and his predecessor history in this Min Razagri Satam. Some dates, event and the hyperbolic military statistic figures in Min Razagri Satam should be careful to rely upon since these sources in the text are generally confusing and several times contradictory. However, Maha Zeya Thein could present a collection of essential information, which could guide to the administration of the kingdom, the king’s virtues and his religious policy and gives support the legitimacy of kingship. Min Razagri Satam can thus be truly valuable record, which contributes information to the Rakhine historical study.