The ICAS Book Prize

You can no longer submit titles for the IBP 2019, but submissions will be possible for the 2021 edition starting in the Spring of 2020. Keep an eye on this website, our email updates and our social media pages.

Eligible titles for the IBP 2021 will be those published after September 2018. We advise authors to ask their publishers to submit the titles online.

About the ICAS Book Prize
The ICAS Book Prize (IBP) was established in 2004. It aims to create an international focus for academic publications on Asia, thus increasing their worldwide visibility. The biennial ICAS Book Prize is awarded for outstanding English-language works and dissertations on Asia, and has always been organised around broad interdisciplinary bases (Social Sciences and Humanities) rather than traditional geographic or disciplinary compartmentalisations.

Starting in 2017, so as to reflect ICAS’ decentralising approach, the IBP now also honours publications in Chinese, French, German, Korean, Portuguese and Spanish (in addition to the original English Edition). Other language editions are due to follow.

Since its inception, the IBP has grown from an experiment with 50 books and 5 dissertations to a prestious prize with more than 400 publications submitted by 60 publishers worldwide and 150 dissertations. In 2013, a new category of prizes was added: The Reading Committee Accolades. This gives the Reading Committees the opportunity to single out and give credit to more outstanding books and dissertations. In 2007, the Colleagues' Choice Award was established. This award is determined by the public, who cast their votes online through the IBP Polling Booth.

Our current IBP organisers and sponsors are:
Chinese Edition: NYU Shanghai
French Edition: GIS Asie
German Edition: Max Weber Stiftung – Deutsche Geisteswissenschaftliche Institute im Ausland (MWS)
Korean Edition: Seoul National University Asia Center (SNUAC)
Portuguese & Spanish Editions: Sephis

Together with the Asian Library/Leiden University (English Edition), the IBP is now shouldered by six institutions in Asia and Europe.


Paul van der Velde (IBP General Secretary)
Sonja Zweegers (IBP-English Secretary)