ICAS Book Prize 2017 - Rules and Regulations

ICAS Book Prize 2017 – English Edition

The ICAS Book Prize (IBP) has been established by the International Convention of Asia Scholars in 2004. It aims to create an international focus for publications on Asia while increasing their worldwide visibility. The biennial ICAS Book Prize is awarded for outstanding English-language works in the field of Asia Studies. Also prizes will be awarded to the best dissertation in the Humanities and the Social Sciences. In 2007 the Colleagues' Choice Award was added. 


  • The ICAS Secretariat administers the IBP. It is responsible for the formation of the Reading Committees. These will, in the spirit of ICAS, ideally consist of representatives from Asia, Europe, the Americas, and Africa. The ICAS Secretary will act as General Secretary of the Reading Committees.
  • The Reading Committees will adhere to a jointly agreed upon set of principles in their decision making process. The final decision of the Reading Committees is indisputable and irrevocable.
  • The Award Ceremony of the IBP 2017 will be held during the Opening Ceremony of ICAS 10 in Chiang Mai (Thailand) on 20 July 2017.
  • Authors on the IBP shortlists are strongly encouraged to attend the ICAS 10 Awards Ceremony.
  • The long and shortlists will be published in The Newsletter (produced by IIAS) and online via  other Asian Studies platforms.

For information see: French, German, and Korean.

  • For more information please contact: Dr. Paul van der Velde (icas@iias.nl).

Reading Committees

There are two Reading Committees; one for books, one for dissertations. Each Reading Committee is composed of an international group of renowned Asia specialists.


  • The English-language edition of the IBP for books consists of three awards: (1) best study in the Humanities; (2) best study in the Social Sciences; (3) the Colleagues' Choice Award.
  • The prizes for ‘best study in the Humanities’ and ‘best study in the Social Sciences’ each consist of €2,500 (in the case of a multi-authored work the prize will be shared equally). The Colleagues' Choice Award winner will be reimbursed for his/her flight to and registration fee for ICAS 11. 
  • In addition to the main book Awards, the Reading Committee can grant IBP Reading Committee Accolades in the following categories: (1) Publishers Accolade for outstanding production values; (2) Most accessible and captivating work for the non-specialist reader Accolade; (3) Specialist publication Accolade; (4) Teaching tool Accolade; (5) Ground-breaking subject matter Accolade; (6) Edited volume Accolade; (7) Best art book Accolade. The winners will receive a waiver for the ICAS 11 registration fee.
  • The Awards for the ‘best dissertation in the Humanities’ and the ‘best dissertation in the Social Sciences’ consist of €1250 each. 
  • In addition to the dissertation Awards, the Reading Committee can grant Accolades in the following categories: (1) Most accessible and captivating work Accolade; (2) Ground-breaking subject matter Accolade; (3) Specialist publication Accolade. The winners will receive a waiver for the ICAS 11 registration fee.


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