Homecoming in Haizi A Dialogue between the Chinese Soul-Search and the Gospel of Luke


Xiaoli Yang

PhD defended at: 




Homecoming is a journey. The way home is through dialogue: a dialogue between the Chinese soul-search found in Haizi’s (1964–1989) poetry and the gospel of Jesus Christ through Luke’s testimony. The proposal of this dialogue is that the common language between the poet Haizi and the Lukan Jesus provides a crucial and rich source of data for an ongoing table conversation between culture and faith. This study takes an interdisciplinary approach—literary study, inter-cultural dialogue and comparative theology. It creates a contextual poetic lens to appreciate a generation of the Chinese homecoming journey through Haizi’s poetry, and to explore its relationship with Jesus Christ. As the dialogical journey, it names four stages of homecoming—roots, vision, journey and arrival. The study examines Haizi’s existential quest, and the resonance in Jesus’ life and his answer in communion with God.