Accolades in the Humanities

Publishers Accolade for Outstanding Production Value

Marco Musillo, The Shining Inheritance: Italian Painters at the Qing Court, 1699-1812. Los Angeles: Getty Research Institute, 2016.

The Getty Museum in cooperation with Marco Musillo has made a wonderfully designed, shining contribution to global art history.

Specialist Publication Accolade

Craig Clunas, Jessica Harrison-Hall and Luk Yu-Ping (eds.), Ming China: Courts and Contacts 1400-1450. London: British Museum Press, 2016.

An outstanding connective history in pursuit of China’s historical difference.

Edited Volume Accolade

Ronit Ricci (ed.), Exile in Colonial Asia. Kings, Convicts, Commemoration. Honolulu: University of Hawai’i Press, 2016.

A fascinating global narrative of differently situated subjects forced to move.

Teaching Tool Accolade

Hazel Smith, North Korea: Markets and Military Rule. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2015.

Highly accessible and an important corrective to popular misconstructions of North Korea.

Ground-Breaking Subject Matter Accolade

Tamara Chin, Savage Exchange. Han Imperialism, Chinese Literary Style, and the Economic Imagination. Cambridge/London: Harvard University Asia Center, 2014.

A pioneering exploration of the interface between China’s philosophical tradition and economic history.

Most Accessible and Captivating Work for the Non-Specialist Reader Accolade

Sunyoung Park, The Proletarian Wave. Literature and Leftist Culture in Colonial Korea, 1910-1945. Cambridge/London: Harvard University Asia Center, 2015.

A long-awaited Korean perspective on postcolonial studies and leftist culture.

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