Accolades for Dissertations in the Humanities

Ground-Breaking Subject Matter Accolade

Alexander Supartono, whose Re-Imag(In)Ing History: Photography and the Sugar Industry in Colonial Java analyses how photographic practices informed the ways that the colony was imagined while problematising the ideological premises of ‘colonial’ photography.

Most Accessible and Captivating Work for the Non-Specialist Reader Accolade

Lik Hang Tsui, whose Writing Letters in Song China (960-1279): A Study of its Political, Social, and Cultural Uses provides a clear and interesting account of Song letter writing that demonstrates how interpersonal relationships were conducted by written exchanges.

Specialist Dissertation Accolade

Cecilia Dal Zovo, whose Archaeology of a Sacred Mountain: Mounds, Water, Mobility, and Cosmologies of Ikh Bogd Uul, Eastern Altai Mountains, Mongolia combines a narrative reconstruction of indigenous cosmologies with spatial, statistical, and archaeo-astronomical analyses of prehistoric funerary mounds.



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