Long lists PhD thesis - ICAS PhD Prize 2013

Social sciences PhD thesis -  long list

  1. Aaron Mulvany, Flood of Memories: Narratives of Water and Loss in Tamil South India (2011)

  2. Roberto Benedicto, Bright Lights, Gay Globality: Mobility, Class, and Gay Life in Twenty-first Century Manila (2010)

  3. Shirlita Africa Espinosa, Sexualized Citizenship in Print Culture: An Ethnography of Filipinos in Australia (2012)

  4. Heidi Hoefinger, Transactional Sex and Relationships among Cambodian Professional Girlfriends (2010)

  5. Thomas Cliff. Oil and Water: Experiences of Being Han in 21st-Century Korla, Xinjiang (2012)

  6. Malini Sur, Jungle Passports and Metal Fences. Living on the Border between Northeast India and Bangladesh (2012)

  7. Roman Sieler, Lethal Spots – Vital Secrets: Varmakkalai, a South Indian Healing/Martial Art (2012)

  8. I-Chieh Fang, Growing up and Becoming Independent: An Ethnographic Study of New Generation Migrant Workers in China (2011)

Humanities PhD thesis - long list

  1. BARKER, Thomas, A Cultural Economy of the Contemporary Indonesian Film Industry (2011)

  2. CABALFIN, Edson, Nation and Spectacle: Identity Politics in the Architecture of Philippine Displays in International Expositions, 1877-1998 (2012)

  3. CHEN Song, Managing the Territories from Afar: The Imperial State and the Elites in Shichuan, 755-1279 (2011)

  4. FUKUSHIMA, Nahoko, ‘Sharebon’ and the Courtesans: A Phase of Edo Aesthetics as the Dispersal of Ideology (2011)

  5. HOOGERVORST, Tom, Southeast Asia in the Ancient Indian Ocean World: Combining Historical Linguistic Archaeological Approaches (2012)

  6. IRANI, Ayesha, Sacred Biography, Translation, and Conversion: The Nabivamsa of Saiyad Sultan and the Making of Bengali Islam, 1600-present (2011)

  7. LIU Yu-jen, Publishing Chinese Art: Issues of Cultural Reproduction, 1905-1918 (2010)

  8. TREMML, Birgit Magdalena, When Political Economies Meet: Spain, China and Japan in Manila, 1517-1644 (2012).

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